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Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Doors by Therma Tru

 The Don Yong Co is proud to announce we have achieved the status of Therma Tru door design gallery for Dallas. Our showroom features several of the new fiberglass door offerings. Therma Tru doors is an industry leader and has all the styles and options homeowners demand. Now customers have two options when shopping for a new door. The first is to come and visit our showroom, and the second is to begin the process by visiting Therma Tru's website. Our in-depth product information will help every customer select the best door options that work best with their specific home style. Therma Tru doors are designed for longevity and low maintenance while offering up to four times the R-Value of wood doors.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Patio doors by don young co.

Patio doors are what separates our passage from the home to our backyards, where our families spend time playing, gardening, or grilling on those beautifully pleasant weekends.

If your current patio door is more than ten years old and you use the door on a regular basis you might be in the market for a new and improved door that blocks out more air, noise, heat, and cold.

What should be considered before buying a new patio door from Don Young Co?

1. Lots of door choices are available.

The door industry has advanced over the years, and you will find a diverse selection to choose from. Just start browsing the internet and you will see lots of styles from sliding patio, swinging patio doors, and folding doors with prices that range from four to five digits.

2. What's the biggest issue with your door now?

As homeowners, we're not going to have the same problem with a door as perhaps your neighbor will have. One of the problems with older doors is failed glass, which means there is an opaque film that has gathered in-between the two pieces of insulated glass that obstructs viewing through the glass.

 The older the door gets along with the daily use, the more air it will start to leak around the panels, because the weather-stripping has worn to the point of letting unwanted air into the home, which is very noticeable in the colder winter months. And over time there is the movement of foundations that move the door and create little gaps that become breaches for extra air to infiltrate home.

Rotting wood door jambs and door panels is an inherent problem with any door that uses wood components. These parts of the door will rot once water has access to the wood, because of not being properly sealed with paint or stain, which is an ongoing procedure that needs addressed every few years to prevent the wood rot.

Sometimes, it's just that the door no long operates smooth and you struggle to open and close the patio door. This is because of wear and tear on the hinges or rollers that no longer work well, and it is less expensive to replace the door with a newer model that is more efficient.

3. What style of patio door works best for my house?
One way to think about the design elements of the door is to work within standard sizes of 36" and 48" for keeping down budgets. For example, a 6' door will have two panels, an 8' door is a two-panel door. Patio doors are available in custom sizes too. One of the more common uses of patio doors includes making them taller. 8' tall sliding doors are being used in homes with more open tall interior spaces to balance out the look of big rooms.

Upgrading old patio doors in a home affects the style and look of any room.
If you currently have back doors that are leakage air and heat new doors are a good investment and will add more indoor comfort year-round to your room. There have been lots of changes over the years with respect to the material uses for sliding patio doors. Now doors use lower maintenance materials like vinyl, fiberglass, and thermal-break aluminum. These materials offer a wider range of options, colors, and energy efficiency opportunities than ever before.

Remember the functionality difference of patio doors: a swinging patio door operates like a regular door that swings to the interior of your home                          versus a sliding patio door that slides to the left or right for situations where nearby furniture or walls are in the way and you don't want a door panel swinging into to potential objects.

4. What is the cost of patio doors?
The price of patio doors depends on a few things like size, frame material, and glass options. The entry-level or better value price point door is made from vinyl or aluminum and are close in the price range. Let's use a 6' x 6'8' two panel back patio door as a pricing example range for vinyl and aluminum, the price for the Texas markets ranges from $1200 to $1800 for the cost of the door. When you start considering wood or fiberglass the price ranges are much higher from $3200 to $6500 for just the door unit depending on the manufacturer. The other factor on cost is which glass option to choose? Most homeowners in our Dallas market want to block summer heat from entering the home, so the low-E glass is the best choice for blocking heat and damaging UV rays. If the homeowner wants a decorative glass or a privacy glass there are several options of glass to choose from. Glass options are obscure, satin, chord, rain glass, and geometric. These specialty glass options can add as much as 350.00 - 650.00 more per door panel.

The other cost with pricing new doors is the labor. Labor cost depends on several factors like
1. How big is the opening?
2. Are there any transoms or side-lites that will be attached to the door?
3. Will, there be any additional carpentry work like replacing rotten wood?
4. Does the project require more than one installer to safely complete the job?
5. Any old paint contains lead it requires a more expensive removal process.

Finally, perhaps the biggest benefit of replacing your old door is one of just having a door that is easier to live with when you and your family want to have better access to the outdoors without the headache of fighting with an old drafty door that doesn't operate smoothly anymore.

Don Young Co. has expanded our patio door and door lineup with the addition of fiberglass with over one hundred different style options. The complete line of door products and styles are made of maintenance-free materials, which include vinyl, aluminum, and fiberglass. Your home exterior doors are exposed to all the elements of weather that take its toll on doors. The standard builder grade doors installed in your home often are of low quality and only do a good job for ten to twenty years before showing signs of sill/ jamb rot, glass failure, or become overly drafty in the winter months. Our door lineup addresses all these issues and are designed to last much longer than builder grade products and vastly improve efficiency that saves energy cost. When buying a new replacement door for your home there are several. Start by asking yourself whats the most important factors to you as a homeowner like: do I want to change the size, is low maintenance a factor, color, and how efficient does the door need to be. The offerings of patio doors we carry have many cost options that can be ordered to your energy or cost needs. Please visit our window and door showroom Monday-Friday to see the wide range of options and styles that best suite your needs.

Doors by Therma Tru

  The Don Yong Co is proud to announce we have achieved the status of Therma Tru door design gallery for Dallas. Our showroom features sever...