Saturday, April 14, 2018

Who's Making The Best Vinyl Windows In Dallas?

Since the start of Don Young window company back in 1978, we have worked hard on designing and manufacturing the best vinyl windows for the Dallas Fort-Worth markets possible. We have always chosen to use the most energy efficient low E glass and most durable vinyl frame materials proven to hold up to our Texas heat for our vinyl windows.

We put in tremendous amounts of sweat equity into our vinyl window manufacturing company over the years to ensure our windows can proudly have a reputation for excellent vinyl windows from Dallas Fort-Worth homeowners that have our windows installed in their homes.

We can say with confidence that, yes, the Don Young window company has earned the label of producing one of the best vinyl windows that incorporates durability, strength, and energy efficiency in all of our vinyl windows. Through daily commitments of strict quality assurance practices, we keep the focus on daily window quality and ongoing improvements in window production.

The beauty of all this commitment to vinyl window quality is that once you’ve put in the work to achieve making the best windows, it brings with it a following of satisfied homeowners. These happy homeowners that have our windows installed in their house highly recommend the Don Young vinyl windows to neighbors, friends, and they write some of the best reviews of our windows products any window manufacturer could hope to receive.

The Don Young window company specializes in making custom replacement vinyl windows. This means we are putting 100% of our focus on better components used in our windows and more options to choose from in our window lineup for the residential homeowners. One of the things we know is when people start shopping for windows to replace their old ones in their homes; they want a lot better window then came with the house. All of Don Young window efforts surround this need of homeowners wanting the best vinyl windows for the money. Best replacement windows for the money is what Don Young excels at; we solve all the problems of old windows by making windows more energy efficient, quieter, blocks most of the suns heat, are long-lasting, and less drafty.

The way we focus on making custom windows that we proudly use in our own homes and friends homes is in stark contrast to what so many large window manufacturers produce. Large window companies focus on reducing material cost by any means necessary to sell at a cheaper price, to get more sales. These large window companies end up sacrificing quality, longevity, and energy efficiencies by selling at these lower prices. If you want a cheaper vinyl window for your home, the Don Young company doesn't serve that part of the window business.

No, you won't have to overspend to have a quality Don Young vinyl windows installed in your lovely home. The main reason why Don Young windows are a better value than the big window names is we only spent about 2% of our window sales on marketing; as compared to big window names spending 15-30% of sales on marketing. You as a homeowner can save more money and have a better, longer lasting vinyl window by choosing Don Young windows over a big national window company. It's astonishing to us to see so many cheaply made vinyl windows products being produced and sold in the Texas market by some of these large manufacturers.

While there's usually a lot of fat you can cut from a window manufacturing business; you need to be reasonable about it if the goal is to produce great vinyl windows every day. Cutting some things might improve our overall net profit, but vastly decrease the one thing we are known for and for us that is making one of the best vinyl windows in Dallas Texas.

One common thing we at the Don Young window company have with our customers is a lot of employees that work for the Don Young company have our vinyl windows installed in their homes too.  We make the windows, and we help design our windows; we use our windows, and we love the vinyl windows we make in our Dallas Texas plant.

Don Young window company is always striving to be a little better every year, because of our competitive nature the Young family and our team members have. We aim to set ourselves apart from other window competitors. In order to achieve these high expectations, we continually search the market for the latest glass technologies and vinyl innovations. Utilize the best production techniques keeps quality high and mistakes to a minimum. This is our formula for great vinyl windows and having a healthy debt-free window facility where we make window product that offers customers the most bang for their viny window buck.

Don Young windows have positioned itself as a leading vinyl replacement window manufacturer, and we produce over 50,000 vinyl windows per year in our Dallas Texas plant.

All Don Young vinyl windows are NFRC, and AAMA certified to meet your specific building requirements.  These third-party test labs ensure our vinyl windows meet particular energy guidelines and pass structural strength test. In every vinyl window test performed by NFRC, our windows exceeded every category.

Don Young currently serves Dallas Fort-Worth, Houston, and San Antonio Texas.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Buying Guide For New Vinyl Windows in Dallas Fort-Worth

When deciding to purchase new replacement windows to replace the old ones in your Dallas Fort-Worth home,  everyone could benefit from paying more attention to what essential window problem are you're trying to solve.

New replacement windows can enhance the look of your home, with the added benefits of making the home quieter, less drafty, and more energy efficient.

As a window manufacturer the Don Young Co. has been making both vinyl windows and aluminum windows since 1987 I still hear customers that come to our Dallas window showroom and mention they are confused about, which window frame material they should use and what glass options are best for their new replacement windows project.

So, I thought I'd share what I’ve learned over the years.

This replacement window buying guide will focus vinyl windows versus aluminum thermal-break windows, and which features are most important to consider for your home in the Texas climate.

 What is the reason for buying new replacement window? The most common answers are: my current windows have failed glass; my windows won't operate properly; they are very drafty in the winter months, or they let in so much heat in the summer.

Better understanding the two different replacement window frame choices will better inform your decision on, which will be better for custom replacement windows project.

Let's start with the advantages of using thermal-break aluminum windows frames. The term thermal-break means the window frame is separated by a non-conductive polyurethane that impedes hot or cold from the outside of the inside of a home. This thermal-break allows for aluminum windows to be significantly more efficient than pure aluminum windows. The other distinct advantage of using aluminum windows on an exterior of a house is the long-lasting durability of this metal.

The advantages of using vinyl replace window frames are they're less expensive than thermal-break aluminum; vinyl is slightly less conductive than a thermal-break aluminum frame, and vinyl does not need to be painted unless you chose a dark color like bronze or black. 

One advantage both vinyl window and aluminum windows have in common is they are both low maintenance windows that only need to be cleaned occasionally, and the window sash balances lubricated with a silicone spray when needed.

Other notable features to consider when you are shopping for new vinyl replacement windows in the Dallas area are glass and argon gas filling options.

Glass choice in custom replacement windows is the number one component of potential energy savings in the Dallas Fort-Worth markets, here's why:

1. The glass is around 80% of most replacement windows, so about 80% of energy savings can occur by selecting one of our four levels of high-performance low-E glass.

2. In the intense heat of summer, Low-E glass is formulated to reflect most of the sun's heat back outside. In the winter months, low-E glass helps reflect your heating to the inside. Low-E glass works excellent in both winter and summer.

3. Our best insulated low-E glass has the added benefit of blocking 95% of damaging UV rays that fade carpets and furnishings.

4. Choosing to add the argon gas upgrade will improve the thermal efficiency of a new replacement window by 15% resulting in a higher R-value.

Overall energy performance of the Don Young thermal-break aluminum window is quite impressive as compared to its vinyl replacement window counterpart that is custom manufactured in the same Dallas Texas location. The energy savings of vinyl over aluminum thermally-broken frames using the same low-E double pane argon gas filled insulated glass on a 2000 square foot home with 15 average sized windows (3'x5') only saves approximately an extra 20 dollars per year in our Dallas Fort-Worth market (based on current energy cost).

Picking a sensible new replacement window from the Don Young company is more natural, with so many window choices that incorporate highly efficient glass options, better weather-stripping's, and proven robust window framing that can handle our harsh Dallas Forth-Worth climates.

Remember the new replacement windows that we make for your home can vary in custom options For example on the west side, where the sun is most intense; those new windows can be ordered with the highest blocking solar heat low-E glass option, and the rest of the house with a different low-E glass that has less tint.

 Don Young has produces over 20,000 series 5000 premium vinyl windows per year since 2003 using Deceuninck vinyl at our Dallas facility, and they are fighting the extremes of Texas and UV rays daily- just an excellent proven vinyl compound for our southern markets.
We serve the Dallas Forth-Worth area with some of the best rated custom-made vinyl windows.

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