Monday, May 7, 2018

New vinyl windows installed in Flower Mound TX home

New Vinyl Windows In Flower Mound Home

This home located in Flower Mound Texas recently went through a remodel that included upgraded energy efficient new replacement vinyl windows custom manufactured by Don Young Company.

The home was initially built in the 1960's when the city of Flower Mound had minimum energy standards for homes, and the windows used back then were inefficient.

The old original windows were aluminum single-pane that was drafty in the winter months and allowed the suns heat to penetrate the windows clear inefficient glass in the summer.

 The main window problem for the house was excess heat pouring into the house on the west side through the old windows causing the interior temperatures of the house several degrees hotter than the east side of this house.

 Vinyl Window Performance

To remedy the extra heat from entering the west side of this home all new replacement vinyl windows were ordered with triple coated low-emissivity glass that blocks 72% of solar heat gain with an added UV blocking layer that rejects 94% of damaging UV rays that fade your interior. Ordering new vinyl replacement windows with the triple low E glass upgrade you can expect to spend more money at the time of purchase, but the advantages clearly out weight the small cost of this upgrade.

By using the best vinyl window with the premium low-E glass that Don Young makes, this homeowner was able to block most of the summers hot temperatures, and nearly eliminate the damaging UV rays. The significant advantages of using our best low-E glass upgrade are, it allows for greater room comfort, and the air conditioning will work a lot less to cool your rooms in those summers months, which adds to the utility saving year round.

The finished result of this remodel project is stunning, and the use of Don Young vinyl replacement windows beautifully enhanced the looks and the energy efficiency of this Flower Mound Texas homeowner.

Several criteria make a window right for your home and you, and we are happy to give our expert replacement window advise and suggestions for your window project.

For most people shopping for vinyl windows, the cost is a concern. Don't worry our windows are packed with smart value, which means we’re big believers in lean manufacturing practices that keep our cost down and quality high. One of the significant advantages of vinyl windows is that its the most cost-effective way to produce highly efficient custom made windows to correctly fit every opening of your home at a nominal cost that's affordable for many homeowners. Best of all your new vinyl windows require the least amount of maintenance of any window frame materials used in modern windows, vinyl never needs painting. The cleaning of vinyl windows is very simple just use a mild non-abrasive cleaner when needed and that it, no mess, no fuss.

Next Get The Vinyl Window Quote

When you’re ready to replace your old windows contact the Don Young company to get all the latest information about our custom made replacement windows for your home, and all the different options. Custom made vinyl windows is our primary focus and our specialty.

We can help make your home more attractive, more energy efficient, quieter and more valuable with custom vinyl windows.
Contact us for more information on energy code requirement for Flower Mound. The energy codes for new windows can vary from city to city and its important have the correct U values and SHGC numbers to meet window codes.

 Visit the Don Young replacement window showroom Monday - Friday, or call us to schedule a preferred window contractor for an estimate.
Serving: Dallas, Irving, Flower Mound, and Grapevine TX.
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